Shuffleboard Supplies, Waxes

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Regular Wax

Speed >>>> Moderate


Shuffleboard Care Tips:

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Yellow Ice I

Speed >>>>> Fast

bulletApply Triple Crown Liquid wax and then buff.
bulletSpray Triple Crown Silicone spray and let set for 15 minutes.

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Yellow Ice II

Speed >>>>>> Faster

bulletApply Triple Crown Powdered Speed Wax


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Yellow Ice III

Speed >>>>>>> Fastest


bulletTwice weekly, use Triple Crown Glaze/Cleaner and Polisher. Buff, then let set for 10 minutes.

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White Ice

Ultra Fast "Speed Regulator." Can be used alone or mixed with other wax.


bulletLightly spray Triple Crown Silicone Spray.
bulletApply Triple Crown Powdered Speed Wax.


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Brown Ice II

Speed >>>> Fast


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Brown Ice III

Speed >>>>>> Faster




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Brown Ice III Plus

Speed >>>>>>>> Fastest


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All of our powder waxes are available in 1 lb cans or  24 lb Buckets.


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Dance Wax

Excellent dance wax.


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Liquid Wax

Provides a protective coating with a smooth, fast finish.


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Glaze & Cleaner/Polisher

Removes dirt and grime. Leaves a fresh, clean glaze for a smooth, fast finish.

No wax build-up if used regularly.

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Silicone Spray 12 oz. cans



CleanKit.jpg (164232 bytes) Triple Crown Care & Maintenance Kit

(Silicone, Glaze/Cleaner, Liquid Wax)

All prices are F.O.B. Omaha, NE and are subject to change without notice.