Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?

Scott will be happy to take your order over the phone and answer any questions you may have. Call 800-827-0316 to place an order.

Which shuffleboard wax should I order?

Picking the right shuffleboard wax for your board isn’t an exact science. Shuffleboard wax (also referred to as powder, dust, and sand) reduces the friction between the shuffleboard table and the puck. Reducing the friction will allow the puck to travel further/faster and will protects the surface of the table. There are 3 variables that should be considered when determining which speed to purchase:

  1. Table length: Longer tables need a faster speed to allow the puck to travel the distance of the board. If you are using a speed that is too fast for the table, the puck will tend to fall off the end.
  2. Table Surface Condition: The surface of the table will effect the amount of force needed for the puck to travel down the board. If the table has some wear and tear, a faster wax may be needed. The speed of the powder may be able to compensate for some wear and tear, if the table has too much damage, the board may need to be refinished.
  3. Experience and skill of the player: The faster the speed, the less control. Newer players should start with a slower speed until a ‘feel’ for the game is developed. As skill and experience increases, players typically desire an increase in the speed.

To determine which speed of wax to use, refer to the chart below. Remember to also consider the condition of the table and your skill level. It may be wise to experiment with different waxes to find the ideal speed.

How do I care and maintain my shuffleboard table?

Caring for your shuffleboard table can be broken down into 3 parts: clean, protect, and enhance. 

  1. Clean: Apply Triple Crown Cleaner and Polish with a soft clean cloth. Before the surface dries, use a dry cloth to buff to a shiny gloss. For normal home use, clean your table once per month. For heavy use, e.g., commercial use, repeat 2-3 times per month depending on use. 
  2. Protect: Apply Triple Crown Liquid Wax to the table with a soft clean cloth. Buff with a dry cloth. For normal home usage, clean your table once per month. For heavy use, e.g., commercial use, repeat 2-3 times per month depending on use.
  3. Enhance: Apply a light coat of Triple Crown Silicone Spray to the table to keep powder on the table and provide consistent play. After spraying, sprinkle Triple Crown Shuffleboard Wax on your table.